Redditor Finds Out How to Kill Freestar Ambassador Without Getting Bounty

Credit: Bethesda/Reddit

Credit: Bethesda/Reddit

Bounties placed on your head can make your Starfield playthrough a little exciting. That’s because other factions would be happy to kill you to collect that bounty. You can, of course, clear your penalty by simply paying for the bounty, but that’s a waste of money, right?

There are also missions where killing a character and triggering bounties is almost inevitable. These include the United Colonies quest line, where a mission requires you to deal with Ambassador Evangeline Radcliff of the Freestar Collective. This means assassinating her, after which you earn a 650-credit bounty.

That’s a very low fine, and this Redditor notes that. However, what if there’s a way to accomplish this mission without getting a fine imposed?

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Credit: Bethesda/Reddit

Redditor T_S_Anders noticed that he could perform a stealth kill on Radcliff, which kills her but does not trigger any alarms or put a bounty on your character’s head. In return, you can loot some high-value items from her body, including the Ambassador Suit, the Freestar Code Machine Key, and the Embassy Key.

You can also obtain a .43 Ultramag with 38 bullets and 784 credits. This is better than paying 650 credits to clear your name - this technique stuffs your pockets instead.

You’ll be surprised at how many workarounds exist within the galaxy of Starfield. One speed runner, for instance, found out that they could skip the loading screen of the New Atlantis train by simply standing in its way.

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