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starfield unity

starfield unity

Entering the Unity is the ultimate moment in your Starfield journey. This is when you decide to become one of the Starborn after defeating the two that gave you trouble near the end of the story. You give up your current life for another, which has some perks and drawbacks.

While you retain your knowledge - skills, progression levels, and perks when you become Starborn, you lose all of your gear. This means you have to start over when it comes to your ships, your weapons, and your armor.

At least, until this mod came along that lets you keep up to 8 items from your previous life to your New Game Plus.

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Credit: Nexus

As defined in its description, you can bring current equipment to your next incarnation when you step over the Unity. However, you’re limited to weapons, helmets, boost packs, and spacesuits.

Much as we would have loved to bring our ships along, the modder has not programmed this mod to allow us to do that.

Money is also excluded from the list of things that can be brought to your New Game. With your experience from your first game, however, gaining cash should be a smooth process.

For this mod to work, you’ll need to divest your inventory of everything you don’t want to or cannot carry over to NG+. The eight qualified items that you have in your inventory will be the ones that will be brought over when you step into the portal.

This mod should work well with another one that lets you visit temples only once to gain power. Instead of revisiting them in NG+ to level your powers up, entering the Unity raises your power level by one. Temples instead become sources of Quantum Essences.

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