You Can Now Perform Stealth Kills in Starfield

stealh starfield

stealh starfield

One-hit stealth kills are a staple of games like Splinter Cell and Tenchu. Starfield has yet to introduce the ability despite having a Concealment character skill. Fortunately, a new mod on Nexus has come along to give you that.

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Credit: Nexus

This new mod, Instant Melee Stealth Kills - Concealment, tweaks the melee sneak attack damage multiplier in the Concealment Skill. Instead of the default, the multiplier is set to 1000x so you can instantly kill your targets with a sneak attack or a melee blow.

You can also set which rank of the Concealment Skill to start enjoying the perk by downloading a specific ESM file.

The modder warns, however, that you may encounter issues in using the mod when you have others installed that also alter the Concealment Skill. You’d also need to set the mod at a lower load order when the Starfield Community Patch is installed on your computer.

A similar mod also appeared last week called The Space Ronin, which works almost similarly to this mod. However, instead of raising the damage multiplier, this mod gives you a heightened chance of performing a critical attack when you reach Rank 4 Stealth.

In addition, the mod also makes your character entirely immune to stagger by raising the Stagger Resist attributes of Rank 4 Pain Tolerance and Weight Lift.

Did you know you can use the scanner feature even while piloting your spacecraft? If you don’t know it yet, this capability adds a layer of immersion to the game. You can instantly fast travel using the scanner, saving you the jarring experience of entering menus to initiate a grav jump.

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