Stunning Starfield Snaps: Player's Album of Amazing Shots Lights Up the Galaxy

image of a spaceship shooting lasers
Credit: Bethesda and u/midnightmonkey8

image of a spaceship shooting lasers
Credit: Bethesda and u/midnightmonkey8

Starfield’s stunning visuals, partnered with unique locations and planets, delight players who love to take photos of their characters in space.

One particular player had to stop now and then to pull up Starfield’s amazing Photo Mode and capture the galaxy's beauty. With how Bethesda reimagined the sci-fi and space genre, it’s no wonder why many players take their time to create these fantastic shots.

Originally posted on Reddit by user u/midnightmonkey8, they upload an album of multiple breathtaking shots in Starfield, from planet surfaces to outer space shots.

image of a spaceship near a planet
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Credit: Bethesda and u/midnightmonkey8

One specific image stood out: a picture of their spaceship in front of a Jupiter/Saturn gas giant. This image encapsulates the vastness and beauty of space and how little the huge spaceships look like compared to these enigmatic planets.

Bethesda did a great job providing a fantastic space exploration experience. It is understandable that some players feel the need to pause the game and take their time appreciating what Bethesda did for Starfield.

The fantastic and intuitive Photo Mode adds more depth to the player experience. Capturing a great photo isn’t too difficult, but finding the right moment is crucial in creating these beautiful shots.

Doing so isn’t challenging either, as Starfield encourages players to explore and find new places, such as the ones in the album.

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Space photography isn’t the only thing that showcases the creativity of Starfield’s player base. Some players create astonishing outposts entirely made of furniture, while some create over 117 mods to overhaul the game and enhance gameplay.

One mod even overhauled the aesthetics, skinning it to become a Mandalorian game Star Wars fans may never see. Starfield is teeming with creative players, so much so that once a Creative Kit is released, players can expect more considerable user-generated content from the fans.

Whether you like taking snapshots of the galaxy or prefer to sit back and relax with the game’s shipbuilder, be sure to stay updated with the latest Bethesda news and announcements here at Starfield Portal

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