Starfield Player Creates Beowulf-Class Free Trader Ship From TTRPG Traveller

an image of a spaceship
Credit: Bethesda and u/hongooi

an image of a spaceship
Credit: Bethesda and u/hongooi

The sci-fi and space genre has existed in video games and entertainment media since the 1950s. Many Starfield players are also fans of the genre, especially the Star Wars franchise.

Many forms of media from the past have influenced the current player base regarding their preference for the game.

One fan used Starfield’s Shipbuilder to create a Beowulf-Class Free Trader ship from the famous tabletop role-playing game Traveller.

Posted on Reddit, user u/hongooi shared their custom Beowulf-class free trader ship design, complete with a fantastic color scheme. The ship uses parts from Taiyo Astroneering, so players who’d like to create their own version of the ship can check the modules the ship manufacturer offers.

The ship resembles the original Traveller's Free Trader while embracing Starfield’s modern aesthetics. It includes various compartments, such as Taiyo battle stations, all-in-one modules, and captain’s quarters.

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Fellow users in the thread quickly mentioned the uncanny similarity and discussed how game designers make spaceships for video games more player-focused.

Based on the TTRPG, a ship similar to Beowulf can handle a bigger crew than the Starfield version. Although similar in design to the one in Traveller, this spaceship caters to players of both TTRPG and video games.

an image of a beowulf class ship
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Credit: Bethesda and u/hongooi

Starfield fans continue to wait for the upcoming Shattered Space DLC, hoping to have new vehicles and ships to customize. User-generated content like this stunning spaceship is not uncommon in Bethesda games. While Skyrim and Fallout have their Creation Kits, players will still have to wait a bit longer for Starfield to receive its Creation Kit.

The upcoming Xbox Games Showcase announcement may have some details about this feature, and all players need to do is patiently wait.

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