SteamDB Sparks Starfield Update Rumors: What's Bethesda Planning?

artwork of a spaceship
Credit: Bethesda

artwork of a spaceship
Credit: Bethesda

With the June Xbox Games Showcase looming, Starfield players have started speculating a prospective “big update” coming in the upcoming weeks.

An influx of changelog updates made in Steam via SteamDB has sparked the community’s curiosity about whether Starfield will soon receive an update.

Originally posted on Reddit by u/JarusinTheStars, they indicated that the number of changelog updates has been greater than ever since the game launched. This may indicate an upcoming update, which they theorize may be announced in the upcoming Xbox Games Showcase this month.

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Some players echoed this and also noticed the numerous updates. Player theories range from Creations updates to new DLCs and game-changing patches.

Ship parts, vehicles, and bug fixes are what other players anticipate, but other community members are quick to mention that it is better to take these changes with a grain of salt. SteamDB changelog updates are not necessarily a litmus test of a possible update.

However, with how Bethesda launched its recent updates on most games, there is a good chance that people will hear more about the game’s updates in the upcoming Games Showcase.

an image of a spacefarer in Starfield
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Credit: Bethesda

As discussions continue, the community remains on high alert for any official announcements.

The Shattered Space DLC has no specific release date yet, but Bethesda may mention the DLC during the showcase.

Bethesda’s track record of delivering expansive and immersive content keeps fans optimistic about the future of Starfield.

In other Bethesda news, The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road update is now up for pre-purchase. Players who pre-purchase will receive various bonuses and rewards.

Fallout fans will also celebrate the latest Fortnite x Fallout collaboration. The latest Fortnite Battle Pass will feature outfits and armor from the beloved Bethesda franchise.

Whether it’s a new storyline, significant improvements, or surprises, anticipation is building for what lies ahead in Starfield's vast universe.

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