Starfield Failure to Communicate Walkthrough

starfield failure to communicate alban lopez dialogue

starfield failure to communicate alban lopez dialogue

Failure to Communicate is an adventure that involves hunting down Spacers and mending relationships between some settled families in the Tau Ceti star system.

How to Unlock Failure to Communicate

The starting trigger for this mission is randomized and differs from playthroughs. So keep jumping to new systems until you receive a distress call from Alban Lopez. Once you respond to it, the quest will start, and you'll get a quest marker to speak with him.

Failure to Communicate Walkthrough

Talk To Alban Lopez on Cassiopeia II

The distress call takes you to Cassiopeia II, where you need to land your ship near Lopez’s Farm.

starfield failure to communicate speak to alban lopez with gun pointing and dialogue options
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Talk with him, and he will explain that a group called L.I.S.T. sent families to colonize the system, but their communication systems have been cut, and they're all under the threat of Spacers.

The families each have a L.I.S.T. satellite, but the spacers found them and are now using the satellites as bait to attack the family ships. You can offer to help him, and he'll task you with repairing all four L.I.S.T. satellites.

starfield failure to communicate repair all four satellites
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Repair The Communication Satellites

Four satellites must be repaired; all four are in the Tau Ceti star system.

  • Repair the Lopez Communication Satellite
  • Repair the Wen Communication Satellite
  • Repair the Banda Communication Satellite
  • Repair the Lemaire Communication Satellite
starfield failure to communicate repair the satellite
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You need to fast travel to each satellite and interact with it to repair it. Besides the Wen Communication Satellite, all other satellites will have Spacer ships you must deal with.

starfield failure to communicate spacer enemies at satellite
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Report Back to Alban Lopez on Lemaire's Ship

Once you’ve repaired the satellites, Alban will invite you to the family meeting on Jacquelyn’s ship. Approach and dock the ship.

starfield failure to communicate board lemaire's ship
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Wait for Family Meeting to End

The settler families will talk among themselves, and you have to wait for them to decide. After they're done, you have to speak to Alban Lopez, and he will ask you to convince Banda and Lemaire to join the Defence Pact. He will also give you a payment of 2500 Credits here.

starfield failure to communicate the families meeting
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Get Banda To Join The Defence Pact

After you are done repairing the satellites, board the Lemaire’s ship. Alban wants to protect the families from spacers; hence, he requests you convince Banda to form a defense pact. Approach Banda, who can be found on the ship’s ladder, and talk with him about the Defence Pact. He will continue to accept happily.

starfield failure to communicate convince chanda
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Get Lemaire To Join The Defence Pact(Optional)

For Lemaire, you have to persuade her by talking to her and succeeding at a difficult 7-bar Persuasion check, or you can directly pay her 2000 Credits to get her to join the Defence Pact. Doing so will help you with the big space battle up ahead.

starfield failure to communicate persuade or pay lemaire to join defence pact
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Talk to Alban Lopez About the Defense Pact

Once you have the other two on board, you can speak to Alban Lopez, and he'll be impressed if you convince Lemaire.

starfield failure to communicate update alban about defence pact
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He'll tell you about two groups of Spacer ships he has tracked down and wants you to deal with them. You can ask him to assist with his own ships here to make the upcoming space battle easier. However, if your ally ships die, the final fight will be harder.

starfield failure to communicate go deal with spacers
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Eliminate the Spacer Ships Orbitting Tau Ceit VIII-c

After completing the formation of the defense pact, you can head to the location sent by Alban and fight off both groups of Spacer ships in any order. There are a total of four ships at each location. They'll be around level 4, and one ship will be level 12.

starfield failure to communicate spacer ships locations
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Report Back to Alban Lopez

Once you destroy the Spacer ships, return to Lopez’s Farm and talk to the family. You have to land at the farm, not at some ship in orbit.

starfield failure to communicate the families assembled at the farm
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Alban will tell everyone that he has pinpointed the Spacers’ base of operations to a Retrofitted Spacestation nearby. It’s time for the final assault against the Spacers.

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Clear Out Spacer Ships

First, we have another massive space battle between the Settlers and the Spacers. Three waves of Spacer ships will Grav Jump one by one to the orbit of the Retrofitted Spacestation.

starfield failure to communicate space battle against spacer ships
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At this point, a weak Ship won't be able to handle the onslaught of Spacers. You should upgrade to something like the Mantis Ship and kit it with Particle Beam weapons. Otherwise, consider building your own ship.

Clear Out The Retrofitted Spacestation

Your final objective is to board the Retrofitted Spacestation and clear out all the Spacers inside it. There are a lot of enemies and tightly packed spaces.

starfield failure to communicate fight spacers on retrofitted space station
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The Spacer boss, in particular, is quite challenging, so bring your best gear and take out these Spacers with extreme prejudice.

starfield failure to communicate spacer captain
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Before leaving the Spacestation, go to the command room and read the logs on the computer. You learn about the location of a safe in the Old Storage Room one floor below. You can find the key in the room with the computer. Take the Key, head to the floor below, and find the safes.

starfield failure to communicate safe key and weapon magazine lying on table
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Speak to Alban Lopez

After defeating the Spacers and opening the safe, meet Alban at the Starstation, claim your reward from him, and complete the mission.

starfield failure to communicate quest completion rewards
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Quest Rewards

  • XP - 100
  • Credits - 2500 from Alban earlier in the quest
  • Loot from Spacetation

That concludes our guide for the Failure to Communicate quest in Starfield. If you're looking for an even grander space battle, we suggest playing through the Crimson Fleet questline.

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