Starfield Top of the L.I.S.T Walkthrough

starfield top of the list speak to phil hill

starfield top of the list speak to phil hill

Top of the L.I.S.T can be one of the more confusing side quests for players in Starfield. You get tasked with surveying a habitable planet. This guide will tell you everything about finding a habitable planet and how to scan it properly.

How to Unlock Top of the L.I.S.T

You can start the quest by talking to Phill Hill, who can be found in the Broken Spear in Cydonia.

starfield top of the list broken spear
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He will tell you that he is from L.I.S.T, an organization that seeks habitable planets and assigns people to them so they can establish new independent settlements. Phill asks for help looking for potential recruits who want to relocate to other planets.

starfield top of the list phil hill dialogue to help
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Top of the L.I.S.T Walkthrough

Identify a Potential L.I.S.T Recruit by Eavesdropping

After talking with Phill Hill about the recruitment. Head to the back of the bar. Here, you can listen in on a conversation about someone wanting a fresh start in life.

starfield top of the list sign up citizen with persuasion
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Sign Up Settler for the LlST

Approach the citizens and persuade them to join the L.I.S.T program. This should be an easy persuasion if you've put some points into the skill and taken a Hippolyta. You'll get 3000 Credits and 150 XP for a successful persuasion.

starfield top of the list sign up rewards
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Survey a Habitable Planet

Now, the goal is to find and survey a Habitable Planet. For a Planet to be considered habitable, some conditions must be met.

  • The Planet should have a normal Oxygen Atmosphere.
  • The Planet should have H2O present on it.
  • There should be various Flora and Fauna.

As Planets in Starfield are procedurally generated, you can come across multiple varieties of planets that can fit the requirements. An easy option would be Eridani II. Once you find the Planet, get the Survey Score up to 100% by scanning the flora, fauna, and resources that can be found in the ecosystem. Other options include Procyon III in the Procyon Star System, and the easiest option is probably Alpha Volii, which has two fish you need to scan under Neon City.

starfield top of the list complete the survey
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Sell a Habitable Planet Survey Data LIST

Once you complete the Habitable Planet survey, you can return to Phill Hill and sell the Survey Data Slate to him. Doing so finishes the quest.

starfield top of the list quest rewards
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After completing the quest, you can speak to Phill Hill, and you should see an option that allows you to sell more 100% Survey Data Slates to him. The prices of these vary for each planet. He's a good alternative if you lost Vladimir Sall in the High Price to Pay quest.

Quest Rewards

  • XP - 200

This concludes our guide for Top of the L.I.S.T. If you want more quests that take you across the galaxy to far-away planets, try the Terror Brew quest.

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