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starfield dev room

starfield dev room

Dev Rooms in previous Bethesda titles have been fun and exciting to explore. They often come with various props and items you'll see throughout the game. In fact, some chests contain every single item you can find in the game. With that being said, what do Starfield's dev rooms hold?

Starfield has few Dev Rooms, and accessing them requires you to go a bit out of bounds and into cheater territory. However, there isn't that much to see here at first glance. However, you can find secret Dev Rooms hidden near these primary dev rooms. So, let's learn all we can about Starfield Dev Rooms.

What is a Dev Room?

A Dev Room or Developer Room is usually a room the developers use to test various objects, items, and interactions in the game. It's usually an isolated space. Historically, Bethesda's Dev Rooms have been full of interesting props and chests that sometimes contain every item in the game and even items that didn't make it to the game.

How to Enter Dev Room in Starfield?

The Starfield Dev Rooms can be accessed by entering their codes inside the console. Press the ` or ~ key under your ESC button to raise the command prompt. Type in your code and enter it to enter a Dev Room. Here are codes for some of the Dev Rooms in Starfield:

  • coc qasmoke
  • coc vincenttestcell
  • coc warehousegunrange

The console has a handy bunch of codes that can also be used as cheat codes. However, just so you know, using console codes can result in your save file acting up, and you will not get any achievements for that save file.

What's Inside the Starfield Dev Rooms?

Dev Room 1 - coc qasmoke

This is a plain white room shaped like a plus symbol. The walls have odd white textures in some sections but are mostly smooth. A fire particle effect is going on the left side, and you can interact with it using a button. A cargo crate in the middle is covered in a white texture, but you can't interact with it. On the right side, there's a chest containing the following items:

  • Modified Advanced Regulator
  • Modified Refined Eon
  • Frag Grenades
  • Ammunition
starfield coc dev room plain white
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Dev Room 2 - coc vincenttestcell

This second Dev Room is a lot more full of random goodies. Unfortunately, you won't find any cool weapons in the chests in the room. However, there are hundreds of other items and props for you to see. Liquor, sculptures, science equipment, chairs, plushies, Contraband, and every artifact in the game are lined up on a wall. You can take your time looking over all the props and items found in this room.

Dev Room 2 - coc warehousegunrange

You'll find some weapons and workbenches. You'll also see various lanes with buttons in front of them. Press a button to spawn an enemy you can test the weapons on. There's also a basement with an unfinished shooting gallery down below if you turn around and head down the stairs.

starfield dev room warehouesgunrange
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How to Find Secret Dev Rooms

You're not alone if you feel disappointed with the two Dev Rooms we have codes for. The items there are lacking, and there is little to see. However, what if we told you there are dozens of other Dev Rooms you can visit? The Dev Rooms might seem isolated, but they are surrounded by other Dev Rooms nearby.

starfield dev rooms from out of bounds
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Enter the 'tcl' command in the console and walk through the floor or wall of the Dev Room you're inside. Once outside, you'll be able to see a lot of other Dev Rooms nearby. You can walk up to and explore any of these as you please. Many of them contain props, but some have unique interactions and purposes that you might find worth exploring.

How to Exit the Dev Room in Starfield?

There is no proper method to leave the Dev Room once you enter. You'll have to use another console command to teleport your way out of there. We suggest using the command ‘coc CityNewAtlantisLodgeInt’ to teleport directly to The Lodge on New Atlantis, Jemison, and exit the Dev Room.

That's everything you need to know about visiting and exploring Dev Rooms in Starfield. If you're interested in messing around with Starfield, check out our Mods Hub and our list of the best QOL mods in Starfield.

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