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Todd Howard cropped onto a robed body

Todd Howard cropped onto a robed body

Starfield, Bethesda's latest massive RPG, offers a galaxy of possibilities to explore. However, for those who want to bend the rules and make their adventure a bit easier, cheat codes and console commands are here to help. Whether you need instant level boosts, a hefty credit increase, or even god mode, these console commands will help you ease those stresses.

But beware, cheating in Starfield comes at a cost; all achievements will be disabled. Below, we've compiled a list of Starfield cheat codes and console commands to enhance your galactic experience.

How to use Starfield console commands

Activating these cheats is easy; Press the '~' key on your keyboard to open the console command bar. This key is on the top left under the escape key for those who don't know. A warning will appear the first time you try this every session, telling you that activating cheats will disable your achievements. Press E to ignore this warning and press the '~' again to return to the console command bar. Now, you can start inputting whatever cheat command you fancy.

These cheats can be toggled on and off by entering the same console command again. Bear in mind that these cheats are designed for the game's PC version; Xbox players sadly won't have access to console commands.

Starfield Cheat Codes and Console Commands List

Here is a list of some convenient Starfield cheat codes you can input as console commands and what they'll do for you.

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God Mode Activated


As it says on the tin, it kills all hostile enemies in your vicinity.


Kill all hostile NPCs in your vicinity.


Kill the NPC you have selected currently. Does not work on NPCs important to the story.


Embrace the power of Christ and resurrect the selected NPC.

player.additem [Item ID] [#]

This is one of the most helpful cheat commands to learn. You can find a complete list of item IDs and replace the Item ID field with that. Furthermore, you can specify the amount by replacing the '#' symbol. Learning this cheat gives you access to every item in Starfield. The items get sent to your inventory.

player.placeatme [Item ID] [#]

It is the same as the above, but the item gets spawned at your feet instead of being sent to your inventory. You can fill a room with potatoes.

player.additem 0000000F #[X]

Replace [X] with any number (e.g., entering #1000 adds 1000 credits to your wallet).

player.setav carryweight [#]

Set your maximum carry weight to any amount you choose instead of #

player.setlevel [X]

Customize your character's level by replacing [X] with your desired number.

player.setav health[#]

Replace # with any amount of health you want your character to have. This becomes your max health.

player.setav speedmult[#]

Change your speed multiplier and modify your movement speed.


Stops AI processing, creating a still world where nobody else does anything.


It makes you immune to enemy attacks.


Pass through solid objects by disabling collisions.


Activate god mode with unlimited ammo, health, and oxygen.


Enables the free-roam camera.


NPCs can no longer detect you.


Hides the UI and HUD elements for an immaculate look


Unlock every Starfield power.


Add any power of your choice.


Remove any power that you have.

player.addperk [perk id]

Add any skill, background, or trait that you want to your character.

player.removeperk [perkid]

Remove any skill, background, or trait that your character has.

player.paycrimegold 0 0 [FactionID]

Pay off the bounty for any faction with its sights set on you and set it to 0.


Unlock any door or locked container without lockpicking.


Set the local time on any planet that you are on.

passtime [time]

Pass X amount of hours.


Pause and unpause the current scene as you like.


Swap your gender and change your appearance to a default look.

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Credit: Bethesda
~ killall

We strongly recommend saving your game before experimenting with these cheats. Some of them may function differently than desired and could corrupt your game. Enjoy them at your peril; we suggest playing a pure vanilla run of Starfield before applying any console cheats to the experience.

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