Starfield Side Quest - Defensive Measures

starfield akila city sunrise

starfield akila city sunrise

Akila City is not nearly as safe as the urban metropolis of New Atlantis or Neon City. The extremely hostile and tough creatures known as Ashta constantly threaten the city. The Freestar security forces have broken into an argument on incorporating modern technologies for Ashta detection. Help set up the technology and potentially save lives in the Akila City quest Defensive Measures.

How to Unlock Defensive Measures?

You can unlock the Defensive Measures quest if you've completed the Job Gone Wrong quest first. After you've finished it, you'll head to the alley to the left of Shepherd's General Store and walk up the Barracks. You'll happen upon an argument between Davis Wilson and Keoni Alpin. Listening to the whole argument will unlock the Defensive Measures quest.

Defensive Measures Walkthrough

Talk to Davis Wilson

Once you're done eavesdropping on the conversation between Davis Wilson and Keoni Alpin, they'll go their separate ways. You can talk to Davis Wilson and ask him what the issue was all about. He'll tell you Keoni is trying to change things to the detriment of security. He'll also ask you to try to talk some sense into her.

starfield defensive measures speak to davis wilson
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Talk to Keoni Alpin

Speak to Keoni Alpin, who will clarify her position very quickly, saying that she's just trying to enhance local security by installing some sensors for Ashta detection. She asks you to help with this task.

starfield defensive measures speak to kioni alpin
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Place Keoni's Sensors

You'll have to place four sensors on the West side of Akila City. These will help scan Ashta activity. Luckily, all the locations are nearby; you shouldn't have trouble finding them. Just install a sensor into the ground at the marked location.

starfield defensive measures speak to kioni alpin and plant her sensors
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Talk to Keoni Alpin

You can go find Keoni and tell her that the job is done. She'll be roaming around the city, so change your active quest to Defensive Measures if you want to track her reliably. She'll thank you and request that you distract a guard on the wall while she hacks into a system to set up her sensors.

starfield defensive measures speak to kioni alpin again
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Get the Guard to Leave the Tower

You need to get the guard to abandon his post for a while. You'll get a couple of choices for this unless you plan on committing a crime.

  • You can try to use Persuasion to get the Guard to leave.
  • Use Manipulation to force the guard to leave.
  • Pay him 1000 Credits to leave for a bit.
  • Use the Freestar Rangers dialogue option if you've completed the Freestar Ranger questline.
starfield defensive measures distract the guard
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Steal in front of the guard(Optional)

If you don't follow any of the above options and have to steal, then the guard will chase after you. You can run away, but you'll eventually get a bounty and be confronted by Akila Security. This results in paying a fine and losing your stolen goods or spending a night in jail and suffering from the XP debuff.

Talk to Keoni Alpin

Return and speak to Keoni Alpin to complete the quest and receive your rewards. She'll ask you to check back in 24 hours for the results. This will start the next quest, False Positives.

starfield defensive measures speak to kioni alpin about next step
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PDefensive Measures Quest Rewards

  • XP - 100
  • Credits - 6000 (Depends on Level)
  • False Positives Side Mission

That concludes our walkthrough for Defensive Measures. You can sit around and wait a bit for the results of the sensors to come in the next day to kick off the quest False Positives.

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