Angry Starfield Gamers Demand Refunds Because of Pronouns

two streamers with a starfield backdrop

two streamers with a starfield backdrop

Bethesda’s newest open-world space exploration game, Starfield, is well into its early access period and only two days before the full launch on September 6. Who would have thought that pronouns in Starfield would cause such drama?

Premium and Constellation players have already achieved many milestones in the game, including building a Millennium Falcon in Starfield’s Shipbuilder.

In some parts of the world, however, some people are expressing displeasure at a small feature - the ability to select pronouns. With this feature, players can choose which pronouns they most identify with.

Although players can still choose to disregard that option (it is not required), some gamers are apparently furious at the fact that this feature is included.

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According to Pink News, game streamer Dr. Disrespect - known in real life as Herschel Beahm IV -- expressed his outrage at the inclusion of the options in the game. Beahm, who was banned from Twitch in 2019, even took offence at the fact that Peter Hines included his preferred pronouns in his X bio.

YouTuber Dan Vasco, known as Heels vs. Babyface, said that he has sought refunds for his early access claiming that the pronouns disrupted his game and brought him back to reality. He also posted a video on his X account further explaining his dissatisfaction at pronouns being an available choice in Starfield.

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Credit: X/Nina7Infinity

At least one X user expressed hesitation at asking for refunds but expressed similar displeasure at the feature. Nina Infinity said that she almost went to Bethesda to ask for her money back when she encountered the pronoun choice feature.

However, she baulked at the last minute and said she might ask for reimbursement in the future because she’s “annoyed about it.”

The countdown continues towards Starfield’s full official launch on September 6. Stay with us as we follow interesting developments during early access and in the full launch.

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