Starfield Side Quest: Captain's Bounty Walkthrough

Starfield Captain's Bounty side quest Adella Faheem dialogue

Starfield Captain's Bounty side quest Adella Faheem dialogue

Impersonate someone marked as a target by bounty hunters and space pirates alike. Are you willing to take this risk to help out a stranger, or will you turn her in and collect the rewards? Make your decision in the Starfield Side Quest Captain's Bounty.

Captain's Bounty Walkthrough

Go to Hopetown

Go to the planet Polvo in the Valo Star System and wait for the Contraband scan. Then, you can land at Hopetown, the home of Hopetech. You might also come here during the Freestar Rangers questline in the quest Where Hope is Built.

starfield where hope is built grav jump to polvo
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Talk to Captain Faheem

Captain Adella Faheem will be standing outside Hopetech and call out to you. Talk to her, and she'll explain her situation. She was hauling cargo regularly and was attacked by multiple factions. Now, she has a bounty on her, and a bounty hunter is on the planet looking to take her down.

starfield captain adella faheem outside hopetech dialogue to accept quest
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Accept Her Quest

She will ask you to impersonate her and deal with the Bounty Hunter waiting inside the Pit Stop bar next door. Accept this quest and proceed inside the shop.

starfield captain adella faheem dialogue
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Talk to the Bounty Hunter Ernesto

Introduce yourself to the Bounty Hunter named Ernesto. You can pretend to be Captain Faheem, and he'll believe it initially. He'll say that he's here to take down your bounty. You'll have only two choices here.

  • Attack Ernesto and kill him.
  • Persuade him to let Adella Faheem go.
starfield captain's bounty bounty hunter ernesto dialogue
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Should You Persuade or Fight Ernesto in Captain's Bounty?

We suggest you not fight Ernesto the Bounty Hunter during the Captain's Bounty quest. This is because Ernesto is a level 98 enemy and will be very difficult to defeat. Furthermore, there are NPC patrons who might get hit in the crossfire. This will get you a pretty hefty bounty and halt any quest progress you have here. Wait for Ernesto to shoot you first.

starfield captain's bounty quest ernesto dialogue
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Persuading him is a relatively easier affair, as even with a low-level Persuasion skill, you need to fill four bars in three turns. Appeal to his humanity and common sense to get the job done. This method resolves the issue peacefully and nets you 6300 Credits.

Report to Captain Faheem

After dealing with the bounty hunter Ernesto, report to Adella Faheem outside and tell her the job is done. If you clear her name, she'll reward you with 6300 Credits, ending the Captain's Bounty quest. Killing Ernesto will only reward you with 2,500 Credits.

starfield captain's bounty report to adella faheem
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Captain's Bounty Quest Rewards

Here are the rewards for the short but risky Captain's Bounty quest.

  • EXP - 50
  • Credit Rewards - 2500-6300

That concludes our walkthrough for the Captain's Bounty side quest in Starfield. Check out other quest guides like the Mantis Quest and Grid Puzzle.

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