Constellation’s Space Cowboy Gets the Colored Pencil Treatment

Credit: Reddit/Bethesda

Credit: Reddit/Bethesda

There’s no question that Sam Coe, the space cowboy of the Constellation, is the poster boy of handsome looks in Starfield.

Fans would always point to that immaculate beard, the neatly kept long hair, and that irresistible smile as Sam’s strongest assets that lead them to a romance.

Sam himself acknowledges his own good looks, telling the player in a romance conversation: “Oooh, you’re gonna get it.”

This Redditor is big enough of a fan that, out of the four companions from Constellation, they decided to render a colored pencil art of the former Freestar Ranger first. Take a look at the excellent work of art done by Redditor SPicy_Cold_Candy below.

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Credit: Reddit/SPicy_Cold_Candy
Our very own Space Cowboy, Sam Coe

We’d have to admit this is more of a younger Sam Coe than it is of the devoted father to Cora in Starfield!

Redditors praised the work, with user TheFatYachtingApe77 stating that art by hand should be given a second chance at life as a “dying” art. Taosecurity, on the other hand, described the piece as “the fan art [the fandom needs].”

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Credit: Nexus

Our artist replied and promised they’ll be doing art for the three other Constellation members - Barrett, Andreja, and Sarah. It’s just that they’re still waiting for a good photo reference, and, at this point, they only have a reference photo for Sarah.

We don’t know if they're exploring the galaxies with the default Sarah or using this mod to transform her appearance. Sarah looks cooler with longer hair and her Chronomark exposed on her left hand.

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