Mod of the Week - Sarah Morgan Grows Her Hair Longer

sarah morgan

sarah morgan

We’d have to admit, Sarah Morgan in Starfield looks a little plain compared to the other three companions with her jaw-length short blonde hair that she wears down all the time. Barrett has his heavily bearded face, Sam has his immaculate long brown hair, while Andreja has her dark, short hair, always tied up in a bun.

Sarah could grow her hair out a little, and this Nexus modder agrees with our opinion. Look at what he did with Miss Morgan with his mod, “Ultimate Sarah.”

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Credit: Nexus

As you can see, Sarah now sports slightly longer hair up to her shoulders. We could say that she looks a little better now. According to the mod's description page, the longer hair results from using a separate mod called Andraste’s Hair Edits, which you’d need to download with the Ultimate Sarah mod.

In a nutshell, the mod’s process transfers Sarah’s face model to your character. After that, you can invoke the face editor and use the images downloaded with the mod to alter your character’s face to get the look in the screenshots.

You’d also need to back up your character’s appearance by spawning an NPC and transferring your character’s face to it via the “capp 14” console command.

Once you’re happy with your character’s appearance, you will need to type in additional console commands to transfer that face to Sarah. Of course, you don’t want to keep your character faceless, so you need to run another console command to get your face back from the NPC you generated earlier.

The last step is to remove that NPC, Genghis Khan, and you’re done.

With her new looks, you might want to start a romance with Sarah if you’re not yet attached to anyone on your team. Check out our Sarah Morgan romance guide to learn how to start a relationship with her and enjoy the “Emotional Security” perk.

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