Has A Player Unearthed a Jurassic Park Reference in Starfield?

Credit: Bethesda/Universal Studios

Credit: Bethesda/Universal Studios

It may be one of the most maligned features of the game, but the vast universe that the player can frolic in Starfield is ripe for all sorts of content. Todd Howard and his developers may have already placed some of this content, just waiting to be discovered.

Amidst all the naysaying and criticisms leveled upon the game in its subreddit and the social networking site X, there are echoes of posts from players who are simply delighted at spotting previously undiscovered content within Bethesda’s newest open-world explorer.

On Monday, Jay Dook, an avid Starfield player who regularly posts stuff on his X account, revealed that he had uncovered a nod to an iconic creature sound from the 90s.

In the video he shared with his followers, his character is shown boosting around his outpost in Zeta Ophiuchi I while a distinctive sound is in the background.

If you listen closely, you’ll more or less recognize the sound as similar to the call of the Brachiosaurus in the original Jurassic Park. Of course, it’s not the exact sound for copyright reasons, but it has enough similarities to make it sound familiar to those who can recognize it.

“Welcome to Jurassic Park,” user Sonnie_Slim replied in a comment.

Curiously, another user made another connection - it might be Gojira/Godzilla, who survived the catastrophe on Earth and somehow made it to Zeta Ophiuchi in the chaos. He’s probably joking - the king of the Kaijus is too big to stow away even on a Colony Ship.

If you’d like to see a striking reference to another city in another Bethesda game, check out this rocky hill resembling Solitude in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

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