Make a Fashion Statement With a Visible Chronomark

starfield chronomark

starfield chronomark

The people of Starfield's universe look like they’re at the pinnacle of space-age fashion. Take Sarah Morgan and her leather jacket, for example, or Sam Coe’s cowboy outfit. One piece of apparel is missing from everyone's gear in Team Constellation, and its absence is glaring.

We’re talking about the Chronomark, given to every Constellation explorer at the start of their journey. You have that sequence with Barrett giving you the Chronomark on your first day as a member of the Constellation, but that’s all of its in-game appearance.

The watch gets buried in your spacesuit, although its readout is always available on-screen, which is understandable. Still, its absence is inexplicable for characters like Barrett, Sarah, and Andreja, whose wrists are exposed most of the time.

Modder Deebz96 agreed with this sentiment and developed the aptly named “Visible Chronomark Watch” mod.

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Credit: Nexus

This mod lets the Chronomark become visible, but, of course, only when it’s appropriate. Forcing it to appear even when wearing a spacesuit or a long-sleeve jacket will cause clipping, but that’s not the case here. Specifically, the modder said, the watch will become visible when wearing 53 outfits for male characters and 39 for girls.

The mod also tweaks the appearance of the Chronomark to make it more faithful to how the “real” thing looked. We’re referring to the physical smartwatch that came with the Constellation edition in Early Access, the same watch that was put up as a prize for a raffle contest later on.

The modder added that this mod does not include spacesuits, as they require additional remodeling. Unfortunately, they feel they’re not suited to these modifications.

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