Ship of the Week - Modified Razorleaf Battleship

razorleaf battleship starfield
Credit: X/Relic_cileR

razorleaf battleship starfield
Credit: X/Relic_cileR

Have you always wanted to pilot a battleship in Starfield? You might have a chance if you download this mod that lets you pilot the powerful M-class ships like the UC Vigilance. Alternatively, you can build your own battleships.

You might think that that is impossible, but just take a look at this Starfield vessel by X user Relic_cileR.

This big, bad boy is built off a vanilla Razorleaf and “buffed” immensely until it achieves this bulky look. Despite its size, Relic_cileR said this ship can still maneuver like its smaller counterparts.

As for its combat abilities, the X user simply said: “[It] [p]acks a bunch.”

Unfortunately, Relic_cileR did not post any statistics like the Razorleaf’s Mass, its reactor class, and its weaponry. It would be nice to know what kind of weapons are fitted in those two side nacelles and how much punch it packs.

We’re sure, though - any Crimson Fleet or Ecliptic Corsair that crosses its path is not long in this galaxy!

Starfield offers a lot of content when it comes to shipbuilding, but people are still hoping for more. For instance, people are clamoring for the ability to build their own space stations. Although space stations were found in the game’s code, they remain locked and inaccessible for now.

starfield mod build space station
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Credit: Bethesda/Nexus

However, modders have created a workaround for this obstacle, allowing players to build their own unofficial space stations until these are made available through a future DLC.

This mod converts one of the player’s existing ships into a star station that they can design using a modified version of the Ship Builder menu.

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