Starfield - Biggest Ship Yet

character in hello kitty gear, planet backdrop

character in hello kitty gear, planet backdrop

There’s no shortage of ideas regarding Starfield’s shipbuilder mode. In fact, this topic is one of the liveliest ones in the subreddit covering Bethesda’s latest space exploration role-playing game. You can see just about any creation appearing on Reddit literally every day.

Just when you think things can’t take a more radical turn, someone posted his ship that, at first glance, looks very ordinary until you notice the scale. The ship looks more like a space station because it’s so huge. It’s so large that the user himself admitted that he couldn’t fit it into photo mode.

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Credit: Reddit

The post gathered various reactions. Aside from the obvious “That’s no moon, it’s a space station” pun from Star Wars, someone commented that they should be allowed to create fully manned orbital space stations that can also take in ships.

Another user said that it might be content that will come in future downloadable content for Starfield. However, they might have to wait for some time before that becomes available.

For now, only one DLC has been announced for Bethesda’s most successful game of all time. Revealed just before launch, only the DLC’s title, Shattered Space, is known for the moment.

However, following Bethesda’s release patterns with previous franchises and leaks from the Federal Trade Commission, we can assume an early fiscal year 2024 release for the added content.

Aside from shipbuilding, Starfield users are also active in modding to introduce new but unofficial content into the game. Last week, we uncovered multiple Hello Kitty mods on Nexus Mods.

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Credit: Nexus Mods

One mod will let you replace the Constellation Chronomark in the game with a Hello Kitty Wristwatch, which comes with a Mark 1 Constellation Space Suit.

Another mod also brings in an armor pack themed entirely around Sanrio’s most famous cat to complement the Wristwatch. There's even a mod that allows you to use Hello Kitty outfits in the game.

If you’re a Hello Kitty fan, go ahead and check out those mods on NexusMods right now.

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