You Can Finally Pilot Enormous M-Class Ships With This Mod

starfield m class ship

starfield m class ship

Starfield players often encounter them, but these huge M-Class ships are literally out of their reach. No one can board or pilot them because the source code locks them, indicating that they’ll be available in the future via a DLC or an update.

For those who cannot wait, however, a mod will allow them to pilot M-Class ships. This mod is appropriately named “Pilot M-Class Ships.”

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Credit: Nexus

According to the modder, this exploit will modify the Piloting 4 skill in Starfield to include the M-Class in its coverage. The Piloting 4 skill limits players to flying up to C-class ships only. Of course, that changes when one installs this modification to his Starfield game.

To install the mod, you only need to download the files in the mod’s Nexus Page, extract an ESM file to your Data directory, and modify the Plugins.txt file in the Local App Data folder for Starfield. With this mod, you can even select the boosts you want to add to your game!

However, so that you know, you can only pilot M-Class ships with this mod. You’d have to install another mod to build M-Class ships of your own.

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Credit: Bethesda

Another mod allows you to steal even M-Class ships like the UC Vigilance. This mod simply removes the restrictions placed on each ship so the player can pilot virtually all the ships in Starfield after removing their crew and killing their captain.

As for future downloadable content, only one DLC has been announced, titled “Shattered Space.” There’s no official information available yet on what the content of this expansion pack might be, nor is there a release date announced.

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