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starfield space station

starfield space station

With its focus on space travel and planetary resource harvesting, the absence of the ability to build space stations in Starfield is jarring. Not that Bethesda has not thought of it - those knowledgeable players who analyzed the code have seen that space stations are only currently code-locked.

Well, we have good news - a modder has created a means for us to build that dream space station.

So, what are you waiting for? Go on to Nexus Mods and download the mod called “Spacestations for Outposts.”

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Credit: Nexus

This mod lets you build a working space station outside planets where you have built an outpost. We’ve mentioned earlier that space stations are currently code-locked; the modder worked around this by converting your latest acquired ship into a star station, complete with all the amenities.

When the mod is installed, it allows you to create a space station control pad that you can use with a terminal located near the radar to access a “Space Station Builder” mode. The modder warns to modify only your latest vessel and not any of your older ships.

The Space Station Builder works exactly like the Ship Builder, except for the fact that it allows you to add dockers. The modder says you need at least three dockers for the mod to work and recommends five instead to make sure.

Lastly, save your creation, head to your cockpit and fly into space. You can find your space station orbiting outside the planet.

The only caveat to having the space station is that you can’t decorate it. Unless you install another ship editing mod, anything you add to it will despawn when you make another edit.

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Credit: Bethesda

Bethesda scored a huge success with Starfield’s launch on September 6. However, this didn’t stop the game’s lead designer from leaving the studio searching for greener pastures. Will Shen, who held a Developers Q&A in August before launch, left BGS to work remotely with Something Wicked Games.

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