Starfield Performance ‘Worries’ Elder Scrolls 6 Hopefuls

todd howard

todd howard

Todd Howard stated at the end of a video detailing his Bethesda Games Studios career that Elder Scrolls VI will be on the table the next time he works on a project. However, fans of the upcoming game are worried about its prospects after Starfield's 'dismal' performance.

This is revealed in a Reddit thread in reaction to the news over the weekend that Starfield had lost 97% of its players just four months after its launch in September last year.

According to one Redditor, SwoloLikeSolo, the news had made him apprehensive about how the yet untitled Elder Scrolls 6 would turn out, given Starfield’s performance as a 'passion project.'

Other users, however, are more optimistic. Nachooolo said that the Elder Scrolls 6 universe and map would not be as expansive as Starfield and would probably require little to no procedural generation to fill.

Although it had exceeded expectations during launch when it saw six million players come on board, Starfield quickly came under fire for its overly vast scope and procedural generation.

Players complained of encountering similar-looking dungeons and civilian outposts when they were out exploring the game’s star systems.

This is aside from the various bugs that have plagued the game since launch, including the infamous pet rock follower and the Form ID issue that causes long games to crash unless they enter NG+ to refresh.

These issues were supposedly taken care of by three previous updates. These included the most recent one that also added improvements in lighting aside from attempting to take care of the errant asteroid companion.

As of Sunday, Starfield saw less than 6k concurrent players on Steam, although it had seen its score bounce back from Mostly Negative to Mixed.

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