Hacker Group RUNE Leaks Hacked Version of Starfield

Astronaut stands looking at a large ringed planet

Astronaut stands looking at a large ringed planet

The long-awaited space exploration role-playing game Starfield has finally started early access for people who have pre-ordered Constellation and Premium versions. Before the game was available on early access, a hacker group known as Rune cracked Starfield and uploaded a pirated version online.

A Reddit user going by the handle Majestic-Surprise420 broke the news in a post in the Piracy community on the social media site.

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Credit: Reddit
Photo Credit: Reddit

The user uploaded a screenshot of a splash screen from the hacker group, who called themselves RUNE. The screenshot included instructions on installing the Starfield crack by rune and how to prevent it from going online.

Majestic-Surprise420 also revealed that the cracked version has a file size of 115GB. Starfield is due for release on September 6 for players who did not buy the Constellation or Premium Edition of the game.

This hacking news follows after it was reported on Monday, August 28, that Darin Harris of Memphis, Tennessee, had stolen 67 hard copies of Starfield from logistics copy Vantiva. According to Polygon, police estimated the value of the stolen copies at $2,500, although the publisher notes that the actual value could be higher depending on what edition the copies were.

Harris also leaked 45 minutes of gameplay content after stealing the copies, while Kotaku said he was able to sell a few of the copies on Mercari.

Harris was arrested on August 24, Thursday.

It’s a busy time for Bethesda now as it doubled up on its efforts to market Starfield. On Wednesday, Imagine Dragons released a new track written specifically for the game titled “Children in the Sky.”

the band imagine dragons
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Bethesda also released the companion app for the Chronomark Watch on Google Play and Apple App Store yesterday. The Chronomark Watch is a freebie for those who have purchased the Constellation edition of Starfield.

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Follow our news section for updates as we build up to the ultimate launch on September 6.

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