Fan Expresses Love for His Pet Space Rock

starfield pet rock

starfield pet rock

Just like with the Adoring Fan last week, we continue to get surprised by how people express love for the stuff in Starfield that otherwise pisses off other players. This week, we see somebody stating how he is having a good time with his “pet space rock.”

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Credit: Reddit

On Thursday, November 23, a Reddit user named airport_sushi_ said he would like to see a mod that allows him to formally adopt his pet rock by spicing it up in the Ship Builder.

He wants to give it a reactor and add some weapons like turrets, probably so that the asteroid can participate in space battles with him.

Another user, zipeter, commented on the thread asking if it is possible to do the same to his pet rocks, of which he has two, not one.

Lady_bro_ac also chimed in, saying that her asteroid companion has been with her for much of her exploring by now and that she’ll be disappointed when Bethesda fixes this glitch.

The pet rock is one of the earliest glitches to appear after Starfield came out on September 6 this year. However, it is the least annoying among several similar bugs. Other users report that entire forests are tailing them in space, while some have half or the whole city of New Atlantis following them.

Starfield players are split regarding this glitch, with some players impatient to get the bug fixed as they find their follower creepy or, at the very least, distracting.

Since we’re talking about asteroids, several console commands let you explore asteroids on foot and even build outposts on them. You can check out the details in our article about the topic.

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