Have You Come Across Tom Holland in Starfield?

Credit: Naughty Dog

Credit: Naughty Dog

Thanks to (unofficial) mods on Nexus, players have had countless opportunities to bring over their favorite celebrities and film actors to Starfield via the character creation menu.

So naturally, we’ve seen early mods loading character presets for celebrities like Ryan Gosling and Jason Alexander, among others.

Not even Bethesda could resist the opportunity presented by Starfield's character creation function - one player said (and with images to back this claim up) that he had seen an NPC resembling Tom Holland in Starfield.

You don’t need to take our word for it; this is the image shared by the fan whose Reddit handle is Scientist_Myself.

Unfortunately, we cannot pinpoint where this user found “Tom Holland,” as they only described his location as “some space station.” They probably don’t remember which civilian outpost they found them in.

There seem to be more celebrities prowling the streets of Starfield’s cities and outposts. Another Redditor, FlexoPXP, said that an NPC that looks like Brad Pitt - doppelganger is the correct word - is walking around in New Atlantis.

Well, how about that, explorers? Will you try to find Brad Pitt and Tom Holland in the Settled Systems?

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Credit: Bethesda
An older Sarah and an Andreja clone?

As for doppelgangers, some Starfield players have found that every character has an unintentional twin due to the limitations of the Creation Engine. One Redditor spotted a space cowboy similar to Sam Coe but just a shop owner in Archimedes.

Another player found an older version of Sarah Morgan, an NPC working at United Transport who shares a face with Andreja.

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