Civilian Outpost

The Civilian Outpost is procedurally located on the planet Porrima IV-c. It is still unknown what NPC characters are there in this location.

Last Updated 05 Oct 2023 at 13:10 pm GMT
sp Placeholder ImageCivilian Outpost
  • Star SystemPorrima
  • TypeProcedural location

What Planet Is the Civilian Outpost In?

The Civilian Outpost is located on the planet Porrima IV-c. Due to its procedural generation, each player's outpost may have a different exact location. These can randomly be procedurally generated on top of any planet.


It has a wide variety of facilities, such as research centres, residential quarters, trading posts, and recreational areas. The architecture and layout of the outpost have been carefully planned to combine futuristic style with practical functionality.


  • NPCs with radiant missions
  • Trader (with ship repair and modification)
  • Mission board
  • Cargo line console for cargo missions
  • Workbench
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