Player Spots an Older Sarah and an Andreja From Western Europe



Starfield has an expansive galaxy. Even when humanity was rooted here on Earth, our genetics were so diverse that none of us would look 100% the same as one another.

There may be a resemblance now and then, even with those unrelated, but there’s no exact match anywhere.

Of course, the developers would have worked hard to ensure every NPC in the game was as unique as possible. However, limitations of mathematics and available models ensure that every NPC shares a number of characteristics with the others in Starfield.

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Most notorious, perhaps, is the Sam Coe doppelganger that a Redditor unearthed last week. This particular NPC looked like Sam but was not a space explorer. This version seems happy minding his own business as a shop owner in Archimedes.

In any case, Redditor TalkaMo seems to have spotted two more NPCs that share characteristics with the main four. This time, it’s Sarah and Andreja.

The first one seems to be an older version of Sarah Morgan but has brown hair and wrinkles. This one is named Lily Gaertner and resides in Akila. A quick search reveals that Lily is crucial to the Peacemaker quest in Akila City and the polar opposite of Sarah as she is a key member of the Freestar Collective.

The second one seems to be of Andreja’s age and shares the same hairstyle and face model. However, she has green eyes and wears a pair of pearl earrings. Additionally, this NPC does not have a name - dubbed only 'United Transport Worker.'

What do you think of these 'doppelgangers' showing up in Starfield? Let us know in the comments!

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