Player Finds Sam Coe Doppelganger in Archimedes

sam coe

sam coe

Starfield and its affinity for multiple universes will undoubtedly lead to encounters with doppelgangers. For example, player Nikko Mueller found in his 33rd NG+ playthrough that one of the people meeting with the Constellation in The Lodge is his original character from NG0.

In other words, doppelgangers are a natural result of jumping into the Unity, but their possibility is limited only to the player character and their original designs. Neither Bethesda nor other players have mentioned stuff about NPC doppelgangers, especially those that look like the four companions from Constellation.

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Credit: Reddit

Imagine this player’s surprise when he encountered another space cowboy while exploring Archimedes III. This is not just any cowboy but a Sam Coe impersonator.

Almost everything about this NPC’s design is Sam Coe. Perhaps the only difference is his coat, which has 'FMN' printed on the chest patch. This 'Sam Coe' also has a different hat, but the beard and hair are definitely our space cowboy.

How did this happen? We’ll never know, but Redditor KILL_ _MAIM_ _BURN has a simpler theory in the thread: “They’re all Sam Coe Starborn who gave up the chase,” he said.

We can’t say that this is the most likely, but it is the one most plausible, as, theoretically, people who jump into the Unity enter an alternate universe where they can find alternate versions of almost everybody.

In one playthrough, a player is said to have encountered only children in The Lodge. Another player also claimed to have met a grown-up Cora Coe with an evil disposition.

Fans of Starfield eager to see the first batch of updates as promised in an announcement in December can look forward to beta testing the patch on Steam Beta starting tomorrow.

The patch will finally drop after a momentary delay yesterday caused by an unexpected issue that the studio had to address first.

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