Take a Look at This Real-Life Starfield Digipick

Credit: Etsy/Bethesda

Credit: Etsy/Bethesda

The Digipick in Starfield is the latest iteration of the lockpicking mini-game that has been a staple in Bethesda's titles, such as the Fallout and Elder Scrolls series.

It proved to be a popular in-game feature among fans, one of whom created a browser-based simulator for those who would like to give it a try but cannot install the game.

We’ve discovered a replica version of the Digipick at the Dorky Designs Digital e-commerce shop on Etsy. This 1:1 scale replica is not just a static model; it's designed to mimic the in-game device with touch-sensitive buttons, although it doesn't interact with the game itself. Holding it will give you the same sensation as using it in the game.

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Credit: Etsy/Dorky Designs Digital

According to its shop’s description, the Digipick model is assembled from 3D-printed components and includes touch-sensitive buttons and an optional sturdy display stand. Of course, the technology for Digipick does not exist, so we can’t expect this to be functional.

Feast your eyes on this absolute work of art. As you can see, the shop owner also has Credstik and Chronomark replicas. The latter even has its own carrying case!

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Credit: X

Starfield has seen various recreations of its in-game items from its players since its launch on September 6. We’ve even seen people recreate the cute Wilby plushies, thanks to the official crochet pattern provided by Bethesda itself on X!

And who could forget the 12-inch 3D-printed model of the Nova Galactic Frontier ship that made the rounds on Reddit earlier this year?

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