Players Slam Loot in Starfield’s Higher-Level Digipicks

stardfield digipick

stardfield digipick

Looting is a central part of Starfield. For Bethesda’s open-world RPG, its futuristic lock-picking mini-game, Digipick, features progressively increasing levels of difficulty. As the level goes up, the more complex the puzzles become.

The expectation is that the puzzles will yield better loot as the levels go by because there should be a pot of gold at the end of a very difficult rainbow. As users on Reddit say, however, it seems that Starfield does not give much in the way of rewards, even for its trickier Digipick puzzles.

This is the sentiment you could read from a thread in which the user Zosch91 uploaded a screenshot of his scan of a moon named Worthless. This moon does exist, by the way, as a moon of the planet Arachna found in the Delta Pavonis system, and it is a source of Helium-3.

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Judging by the screencap, however, the player could not resist using the name of the Moon to gripe about Starfield. “Just like most of the loot hidden behind 3-Minutes-long Master-Lock puzzles,” the thread said.

User Harkkar seems to agree, pointing out that loot is one of Bethesda’s design weaknesses. They added that they had to mod Fallout 4 to ensure they’re properly rewarded when they go through the trouble of picking Master-level locks.

Fictional-Hero commented that the ratio between the locks’ difficulty and the value of what they hold inside is an “awful level of realism.” They point out that, in real life, we put behind locks something we consider valuable but are considered trash by others.

If you haven’t tried lockpicking in Starfield yet, you might want to preview it using this browser-based simulation of the game’s futuristic Digipick feature.

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