Fan Creation of the Week - Real-Life Starfield Suit

starfield spacesuit

starfield spacesuit

We knew it was just a matter of time before somebody would bring one of the spacesuits in Starfield to life. Well, a talented French lady did us one better. She created a complete set - helmet, spacesuit, and gloves!

We spotted this magnificent work of art on X, formerly Twitter, late last week, immediately after seeing the real-life chocolate and peanut butter cake that we’ve featured as our previous Fan Creation of the Week.

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Credit: X/Arborealkey

Our creator this time is a French artist going by the X handle of arborealkey, who posted a short video of the suit’s creation. In the video, she is quilting her spacesuit's fabric using a Singer sewing machine.

Arborealkey has also glued rubber strips with a heat gun and other tools for the suit’s harnesses and belts.

The artist credits wolfcraftFrance for letting her use the tools she needed free of charge and Steeveliphoto for collaborating with her on the project. Lastly, she thanked Bethesda_fr for “everything else,” probably for the inspiration via the game.

Although she didn’t mention which suit she was creating, the red color indicates that she might be dressing up as a Crimson Fleet pirate. Bethesda had previously released a cosplay guide for those interested in cosplaying as a member of the most bad-ass faction in Starfield.

Do you have a space rock following you around? If that bothers you, you could download the latest update from Bethesda. It recently finished its Steam Beta period and is now available for PC and Xbox.

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