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Crocheted Wilby from Starfield

Crocheted Wilby from Starfield

Now, it is not only in-game that you can collect the popular Starfield plushie Wilby. Thanks to Bethesda’s Megan Sawyer, you can now try your hand at crocheting your own Wilby using an official pattern from the company itself. Check out our fan creation of the week.

On September 15, Bethesda Game Studios posted on its official X account that Ms. Sawyer, the company’s Senior Environment Artist, created a crochet pattern for Wilby.

The post included a link to a PDF file with instructions on how players can crochet the cute little plushie from the game.

Now, players are starting to post their own Wilby works as well. One such user is SentientRover10 on Reddit. This user made a white and green version but said it was only a test subject. Once the yarn with the correct color arrives, he’ll make another one.

Take a look at SentientRover10’s work below.

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Credit: Reddit/SentientRover10

This is one of many Starfield characters to jump into real life, although this one is for free. The other is a 1/6 scale model of Vasco, the Constellation robot. The scale model will come out in the third quarter of 2024 and is now available for pre-order.

PureArts will produce the scale model, only available in 150 units. This Vasco has 15 points of articulation and will also come with a replica of the Artifact. Buyers can pre-order through cash or pick a payment plan if they want to pay in instalments until the item is delivered.

You can also spruce up Vasco with a Hello Kitty paint job in the game, thanks to several mods that make that possible. You could also dress up your character with outfits that bear the hallmarks of Sanrio’s famous feline character.

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