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starfield frontier

starfield frontier

The Nova Galactic Frontier ship should have a special place in every Starfield player’s heart. It is the first vessel you lay both your hands and eyes on in Bethesda’s most successful RPG in 25 years.

It is no surprise that this Reddit player decides to pay tribute to the Spacefarer’s first-ever ship. This one is more than just your regular fan creation - the creator made a detailed 3D design for his 12-inch Frontier model and had it printed and painted for our perusal.

Take a look at the insane amount of details in this guy’s scale model and be amazed. He even installed LED lights on the exhausts to simulate the vessel’s functional exhaust burners!

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Credit: Reddit

Other Reddit users were equally amazed. Some even suggested that he sell copies of his creations, which, they said, they’ll be more than happy to purchase. Others even suggested that he sell Frontier replicas on the popular e-commerce website Etsy.

Some also expressed their desire for Bethesda to allow them to upload their STL files to the game’s shipbuilder feature, although others were skeptical since options for shapes in ship parts are still limited.

The creator mentioned that he used about 500 grams of resin to achieve this creation and spent about 50 hours painting the ship alone.

Although he said he’s open to purchase offers for this one copy, he, unfortunately, indicated that he won’t be able to start a constant production line to create other copies of the Frontier 12-inch model.

Speaking of scale models, the fully articulated 1/6 scale model of the Constellation robot, Vasco, is still available for preorder on the Pure Arts website. This production run is limited to only 150 units, so secure your Vasco now.

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