Fan Creation of the Week - Custom Chronomark Case

starfield chronomark

starfield chronomark

As humans, we are fascinated by technology, even fictional tech like the watches of the Constellation members in Starfield. The Chronomark was previously offered as a limited freebie for those who purchased the Constellation edition before the game was launched in September.

Right now, however, we cannot purchase the official Chronomark from Bethesda unless they do another giveaway, in which only a few lucky winners would receive a Constellation smartwatch.

That wouldn’t stop craftspeople like our featured Instagram user today, who goes by the handle Glenngineered. Since he couldn’t get his hands on a Chronomark, he made not only one but four of the things for himself!

These watches also come with custom Chronomark cases, which are so faithful to the official ones that you’d think they are licensed merch from Bethesda. Of course, upon closer inspection, Glenngineered’s Chronomark cases are twice as large as the official smartwatch cases.

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Credit: Instagram/Glenngineered

Because of the larger space inside, Glenngineered’s Chronomark case can accommodate the smartwatch and larger devices like a Steamdeck and its associated hardware. It all depends on how you lay out the interior to fit stuff up before you close and latch the case.

Feel free to look at Glenngineered’s other creations, including a Star Wars Clone Trooper helmet and some miniature figures, by following his Instagram account.

You might want to download the official crocheting pattern for Starfield’s My Friend Wilby in-game plushy if you're into plushies and crocheting. This pattern was designed by Megan Sawyer, Bethesda’s Senior Environment Artist.

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