Player Spices Up Starfield and Busts Up Asteroids



Entering a new universe may turn out to be monotonous for some players who don’t know which new things to try doing as a Starborn. Starfield does not offer much in terms of missions and storylines because, honestly, you’d just play the same challenges all over again.

That’s where the game’s vast galaxy gets into play. Exploring star systems is like exploring a primeval forest - you can’t tell exactly what is going to get in your way while you do so.

For Reddit user mewrius, however, he decided to do something that he hadn’t tried before in his previous universe - go to the center of the Sol star system and shoot up asteroids.

He was bored, the Redditor explained, and decided to head over to Venus where he found a considerable number of “rocks” - asteroids. With his ship armed with offensive weapons, only one thing came naturally to mind, and that was to blow as many of these rocks as he could while he was at it.

Aside from curing that itch, our Redditor also found out that he could collect some minerals for every asteroid that he destroys in the belt. If this is not the best, then this is certainly a fun and less time-consuming way of gathering resources while on the go.

A few weeks after its official release, some Starfield players on PC found out that they could actually step out of their ships, explore asteroids and even build outposts on them. While initially thought to be a result of a mod, it turns out that a simple console command makes this possible for PC players.

Asteroids have also been notorious for adhering themselves to players’ ships and following them around like an extra companion. Bethesda attempted to fix this with an update in November, but the issue persisted.

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