Players Complain of Pet Rocks Still Following Them After Update

todd howard starfield

todd howard starfield

Bethesda recently dropped Update 1.8.88 for its latest space exploration RPG, Starfield. This patch was supposed to have eliminated two issues - the “pet rock” and the long game crashes. It appears, however, that these issues continue to persist even after players applied the update.

This is evidenced by Reddit posts by frustrated players, who downloaded the update expecting to get rid of these issues and still find them afterward.

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Faithful to the end.

Take, for example, the screenshot above by LonelyDShadow. The post indicated that he had participated in the 10-day open beta on Steam to remove his space companion, only to find that two followed his ship around after the update.

This is echoed by user J2MRaiden, who found out after updating the game on his Xbox Series X that there is still one asteroid hanging back and to the right of his ship like a trusty wingman. Well, at least he only has one to annoy him moving forward.

A separate thread posted by user Turbostrider27 launched a lengthy discussion between disgruntled players, who claim that the issue of long game crashes continued to happen to them after the update.

It remains to be seen how Bethesda’s community managers react to this negative feedback on Reddit alone. It’s worth noting that the holiday season is set to begin next week, which means Todd Howard and the team will not likely release any more patches until after the New Year.

Bethesda had also updated one of its most popular games earlier this month. The new update for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim enraged the playing community, particularly the modders, after it broke all mods released for the game in the past 12 years.

Modders are also protesting the new Bethesda Game Studios Verified Creator Program, which they view as a money grab at the expense of the modding community.

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