Reddit Users Discuss “Pet Rock” Phenomenon

starfield pet rock

starfield pet rock

The “pet rock” phenomenon in Starfield continues unabated, with fan reactions continuing to pour as well. This is a glitch in which an asteroid starts following your ship around, and that means everywhere from outer space and inside planets.

On Reddit, user Jimguy5000 posted a discussion called “The Duality of Man,” posting a screenshot of two consecutive posts in the Starfield subreddit about the space rock. One post expressed happiness at having a pet rock, calling it his “best friend forever.”

The other one below it, however, complained about his unwanted companion and asked if anybody had found a way to fix this issue in Starfield.

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Bethesda has yet to release a fix for this phenomenon, which is hilarious enough for at least some community members. However, this should go away soon since Bethesda is busy working on updates that have fixed glitches, including the infamous puddle glitches that made players rich in just one session.

User PraxPresents responded by relating his experience, stating that his pet rock comes ever closer with every jump he makes into the Alpha Centauri star system.

This attracted a comment from user EvilGodShura, saying that one day, the rock will get close enough to touch the player’s ship, triggering a black hole and bricking the computer.

One user said that, while he doesn’t have a pet rock, he keeps looking over his shoulder when flying his spaceship to see if he has an uninvited trailer in his tail.

Another user even said that he wants more rocks and doesn’t want to lose his one and only pet rock.

Aside from rocks, players have also noted other objects following them around, with one player even saying that he has the city of New Atlantis keeping him company in his travels.

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