Mods of the Week 2

player outside ship in space

player outside ship in space

It’s that time again for our Mods of the Week post. For this week, we’ve picked not one but two mods to feature on Starfield Portal. Let’s get right to the review.

Our first mod does not deal with game performance but does give playing Starfield a different twist. Instead of loading Bethesda’s splash screen when starting the game, the mod loads the PlayStation splash video.

We don’t know why this mod was created, but maybe it’s a pun because PlayStation gamers cannot play Starfield because it is an Xbox/PC exclusive. It is, however, suitable for some chuckles and drives away the monotony.

See for yourself. Take a look at what the mod does in the video below. You can download this mod on Nexus Mods.

The second mod involves space travel and doing things you thought were impossible in Starfield. If you previously thought you could only stay in your cockpit during space travel, you’ll be surprised to know that you can actually step outside your ship!

RebsGaming shared on X that it is not a mod you download and install but a direct tweak on the game’s console. You need to be at your cockpit, access the console, and enter the values: player.setpos x 10, setgravityscale 0.

These console settings allow you to walk on asteroids and even create an outpost on those heavenly rocks. Isn’t that cool?

Go ahead and give these mods or tweaks a try! Don’t forget to return next for more mods you might want to download for Starfield.

Today is Wednesday, September 13. Don’t forget to tune in to Bethesda’s Twitch for a live performance of Starfield’s orchestral soundtrack by the London Symphony Orchestra.

The concert will take place at 2 PM Eastern Daylight Time. If you’re on Pacific Daylight Time, it will be on 11 AM over there. See you, explorers!

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