Xbox Mod Highlight: TN’s Realistic Oxygen Meter Is Starfield’s Breath of Fresh Air

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Credit: Bethesda

a screenshot of a video game called starfield portal
Credit: Bethesda

Some Starfield vanilla mechanics are usually perfect, but some become better when overhauled.

For example, vanilla Starfield’s oxygen meter often feels like a stamina meter, but if it’s an actual oxygen meter, it must be different in various atmospheres.

Thankfully, Starfield’s Creations Club provides a wealth of customization options, and TN’s Realistic Oxygen Meter stands out by making oxygen a precious commodity in the Settled Systems.

The mod overhauls almost everything about oxygen in Starfield. In the vanilla version, oxygen depletes whether the player jumps or sprints.

Now with the TN’s Realistic Oxygen Meter, oxygen works differently in the vacuum of space and thin atmospheres.

Players can now die of asphyxiation should they run out of oxygen in space, and carrying too much or doing strenuous activities will drain the oxygen meter faster than normal.

Thin atmospheres have enough oxygen to keep the oxygen meter but will not refill the oxygen meter. Players do not have to worry though, as oxygen is craftable via Pharmaceutical Labs and is refillable via oxygen refilling stations, tanks, loots, and vendors.

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Installing the mod is easy and does not require a specific load order. When uninstalling the 88.48 MB mod, however, the mod author TheOGTennessee recommends that the mod be uninstalled via the “Oxygen System Uninstaller” menu at a pharmaceutical lab.

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Credit: Bethesda

In other Starfield news, the ambitious Starfield mod called Project Tamriel is now canceled, according to the mod author.

They shared that they would not pursue to project further as they feel that the community does not share the same enthusiasm and excitement as they have about the project.

Project Tamriel is a planned mod that aims to add all of the existing regions of The Elder Scrolls to one planet, accessible in the Settled Systems.

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