Shattered Space DLC to Focus On the Colony War?

starfield logo united colonies freestar collective

starfield logo united colonies freestar collective

It’s been ten months since Starfield's controversially successful launch in September. Just three weeks after its release, the game saw 10 million players. Existing players are still waiting for the Shattered Space DLC and the Creation Kit.

Fresh from the success of the Prime Video live-action adaptation of Fallout, Starfield director Todd Howard spoke to the media. He said that, despite the studio refocusing its resources on developing The Elder Scrolls 6, there will be updates for its space exploration RPG that will be announced soon.

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Although Todd avoided specifying what these updates would be, speculation arose among the community that this could be the much-awaited Shattered Space downloadable content or DLC. When released, this would be the first of its kind for Starfield and would add new storylines, character gear, and locations.

Details about the DLC have also been sparse since its launch. In other words, no one outside Bethesda knows what content this update will add to Starfield.

Some players suggested that the DLC could reveal an internal conflict within House Va’Ruun or a new storyline focusing on Benjamin Bayu and corruption within the council of governors.

starfield factions united colonies freestar collective
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Screen Rant suggests that the Colony Wars between the Freestar Collective and the United Colonies is another possible storyline for the DLC.

The Colony Wars is a 20-year conflict between the two factions that resulted in a victory for the Collective and a moratorium on the use of mechs on the battlefield. Various characters in the game widely allude to the conflict, suggesting that, at some point, players may experience this war through a series of flashbacks.

Indeed, while DC's title could refer to a storyline involving Unity and the Starborn, it could also be a play on words to describe the intensity of the Colony Wars and how it “shattered space” as the exiled people of Earth know it.

If Bethesda chooses - if it hasn’t done so yet - to make the Shattered Space DLC introduce that war to Starfield, it will immensely improve immersion as, finally, the players will know what conflict many of the characters are referring to in the game.

More importantly, this orientation towards the Colony Wars will finally introduce a feature many players have clamored for since Starfield’s release - the ability to ride mechs into battle!

If Bethesda wants to improve its players’ outlook towards Starfield, it would make sense that the new DLC will take this approach upon release. However, at the time of writing, there are still no official details about the update’s content or release date.

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