Player Asks For a Starfield DLC Centering on Benjamin Bayu

benjamin bayu

benjamin bayu

With details on the upcoming Starfield DLC, Shattered Space, remaining sparse, players are coming up with suggestions and ideas for future DLCs. A compelling case from a Redditor suggested that Shattered Space may be about an internal conflict within the House of Va’Ruun that the player could get caught up in.

Of course, that’s not the only concept circulating on the Internet. There’s another one on Reddit suggesting that Bethesda should create a DLC about Benjamin Bayu and a supposed web of corruption that affects the Freestar Collective’s Council of Governors.

In their Reddit thread, user Ok_Mud2019 explained that they came up with this idea after realizing that the Freestar Rangers are underutilized and needed a new questline. In this questline, they said that Benjamin Bayu is the perfect villain.

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Credit: Bethesda

This is not only because his face looks like he is asking somebody to shoot him but also because several characters in the Collective imply that something is happening with the guy.

In any case, the new mission will compel players to collaborate with many characters within Neon or the Freestar Collective itself to take down Bayu and remove him from being governor.

Like all RPGs, what happens afterward will depend on the player’s decisions.

That would be an exciting story expansion, and we suspect this won’t be the last player-created potential content. Starfield’s galaxy is so vast that it plays home to hundreds of characters and numerous cities, all of which have the potential for additional storytelling in the future.

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