Mechs Slowly Come to Life in Bethesda’s Starfield

starfield mechs

starfield mechs

We have always been perplexed as to why Starfield has no working mechs. They are directly referred to in lore as the primary battlefield weapons of the two opposing forces of the Colony Wars.

They were retired when the 3-year war ended, but one can still find functional mech factories in the game.

There’s still no update from Bethesda on whether usable mechs will be added to the game, even though there are promised patches that will bring '(unspecified) new ways to travel' to Starfield.

In the meantime, a player named Jared Kohr has found a way to transplant the player into a working Model A robot converted into a mech.

To do this, Kohr used the existing Vasco mech mod to attach mech parts to a Vasco or any other working Model A robot and then transforming the player into the mecha using a customized version of Skyrim’s polymorph spells.

The result is a fully functional and combat-ready mech controlled by the player. The implementation is a little crude, however. The creator is currently trying to find a way to enable the player to enter the mech as they do with Power Armors in the Fallout series.

The first few days of the year look promising for Starfield. Despite plummeting scores on Steam and the growth of negative reviews, some Eurogamer readers still voted for Starfield in numbers sufficient to put it at No. 7 out of 50 games for the publication’s survey.

Starfield also took the Most Innovative Gameplay Award in Valve’s 2023 Steam Awards.

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