Player Discovers Wilby Rescue Mission in Londinion

wilby rescue mission londinion binoculars
Credit: Bethesda

wilby rescue mission londinion binoculars
Credit: Bethesda

As Starfield players, we’ve all heard the name ‘Londinion’ before. It’s one of the central cities in the latest Bethesda RPG, being the hardest hit by the Terrormorph outbreak years before the game takes place.

Given its part in the story, it’s no wonder that one player has discovered a Terrormorph XP farm just outside the city, which is located on the planet Toliman II.

However, that’s not the only discovery the playing community has unearthed in recent days in and around Londinion.

This one is very cute and totally worth your time because you’ll be following the tracks of a Wilby rescue mission.

As discovered by Imaginary-Rent-4200, the “rescue mission” is not a quest, but rather the remnants of one.

You can find one blue Wilby and a rare red Wilby on the site of the rescue mission itself. You can also find another Wilby with a pair of binoculars watching the activity from far away.

You can also scour the rooftops across Londinion and find a sniper camp. One of the rooftops also has a Master-level safe you can try your hand on if you’ve got enough Digipicks.

gary_23 cloning pod starfield fallout 3
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Credit: X

Now, the biggest question - can you pick up those Wilbys to add to your collection? Well, the OP just went and did some photo ops but you could assume that they’re collectible. The red one is definitely worth adding to your display shelves.

There are plenty of Easter Eggs in Starfield. For Fallout fans, you can find the empty Gary_23 cloning pod in Charybdis III as well as the Stimpack infographic in the cockpit of a Deimos Gladius II space vessel.

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