A New Starfield XP Farm Has Been Discovered

terrormorph nest in starfield
Credit: X/AnnieKitzman

terrormorph nest in starfield
Credit: X/AnnieKitzman

You could spend hundreds of hours exploring planets in Starfield day by day, yet you could still find yourself discovering new things in Bethesda’s newest open-world RPG.

Case in point, check out the story of one player who thought she’d seen it all but still found herself surprised by what she found on Toliman II.

X user AnnieKitzman said she and her team were on a routine exploration of the planet when they came across a “horde” of 16 Terrormorphs. It took just a minute for her and her companions to dispatch the monsters, but it appeared that this was the largest concentration of Terrormorphs she’d discovered so far.

This is an interesting find as the Terrormorphs were at varying levels - the lowest level was 6, while the strongest of them was level 16.

Toliman II is also where the city of Londonion is located. Guarded by a detachment of the United Colonies military, the city sustained one of the worst Terrormorph attacks in UC history. You’ll need to visit this city to begin the “Hostile Intelligence” quest.

The quest requires you to grab DNA samples from a Terrormorph and a Terrormorph Anomaly. These samples will be key for the Constellation and, by extension, the UC to learn how to destroy this threat.

a starfield terrormorph rampaging in kreet
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Credit: Bethesda
The Terrormorph of Kreet

Another Terrormorph is also key to the storyline behind the quest “One Small Step.”

This individual was central to a top-secret UC project called “Project Petshop,” which aimed to develop a means for soldiers to control alien creatures during combat. Terrormorphs are known for their ability to control other creatures within their vicinity, and this skill was crucial to the project.

Unfortunately, this Terrormorph broke free of the lab and massacred all the scientists within, ending the project.

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