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We all love Easter Eggs, and Starfield seems ripe with thousands of these scattered across the galaxy. So far, there had already been one confirmed reference to Bethesda’s other game franchise, Fallout, eyeballed by a player who wasted no time bringing the existence of the Gary_23 cloning pod up on Reddit.

Of course, there are no other places better for spotting things like this than Reddit, which hosted another thread heralding the discovery of another Fallout Easter Egg. Look at this warning sign that the player found stuck on his cockpit’s interior, particularly on the left side.

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Credit: Reddit
Stimpaks on Starfield

The infographic is intended to warn people about what to do if they inadvertently release radioactive content into their ship’s cockpit. It looks pure vanilla until you get to the third instruction - PRESS STIMPACK ON EXPOSED SKIN.

Stimpak, although spelled differently in this case, is the main recovery item in Fallout. Players inject it to recover HP and remove all conditions except Rads.

This discovery means either of two things - Bethesda has infused Easter Eggs on its most successful RPG to pay homage to its other franchises, or there had been a previous plan to incorporate some elements of Fallout into the game that was ultimately scrapped.

It’s worth noting that Todd Howard had indicated before that they wanted to bring the version of Washington D.C. from Fallout 3 into Starfield. However, time constraints caused by various factors - including the pandemic - led the production team to scrap that idea.

Well, we all know it takes just a future mod or DLC to bring that plan to life, so we’ll keep our fingers crossed, Todd!

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