Todd Howard Steers Fallout Showrunners From Clashing with Fallout 5

sxsw exclusive interview den of geek fallout prime video series
Credit: Den of Geek/YouTube

sxsw exclusive interview den of geek fallout prime video series
Credit: Den of Geek/YouTube

Bethesda director Todd Howard is involved in the Prime Video Fallout show, but the extent of his involvement is vague. We don’t know if he helped develop the stories or was only part of the team in a consultant capacity.

However, thanks to an interview with Den of Geek during the South by Southwest Event in Texas, we now know that he was deep enough into the production that he reportedly could keep things that were supposed to come out in Fallout from taking place in the show.

“Well, there were some things where I said, ‘Don’t do this because we are going to do that in Fallout 5,'” the Starfield director told the publication. Much as we would like to know what these “things” were, good old Todd did not elaborate further about this advice to the production team.

In the same interview, executive producer Jonathan Nolan took the time to clarify an earlier interview with Total Film where he described the series as being almost like Fallout 5. Nolan even added that, although he didn’t want to sound “presumptuous,” he finds his project as just a non-interactive version of the games.

jonathan nolan fallout prime video show sxsw interview
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Credit: Den of Geek/YouTube
Showrunner Jonathan Nolan

Nolan now says that it is indeed presumptuous for them to claim that the show would be equal to the games. However, he maintains that the series is an original story that sets place within the Fallout universe with the “beautiful storytelling” ideas coming from Todd and Bethesda.

Series showrunner Graham Wagner joked that they were instead building Fallout 6, leading Nolan to say that they know all about Fallout 5 because of Todd’s involvement.

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