Fan Creation of the Week - Digital Painting by Toni Infante

todd howard approves toni infante digital starfield art
Credit: Betheda/Toni Infante

todd howard approves toni infante digital starfield art
Credit: Betheda/Toni Infante

People may find a lot of negativity about Bethesda’s Starfield online, but there’s still love for the studio's newest open-world RPG. After all, why would you bother creating fan art that takes hours of your time and tons of your creativity if you don’t like the game?

Feast your eyes on this digital art by illustrator Toni Infante, for example. It uses a custom workspace on Adobe Photoshop.

This work is nearly similar in style to the Starfield 1977 comic book cover art we’ve featured recently as well. The only difference is that the Spacefarer is in the middle instead of Sarah Morgan, and all the members of Constellation, including Vladimir, Noel, and Walter Stroud, appear in the poster-like illustration.

Toni's workflow for creating this masterpiece is very interesting. They shared part of that process in a video in a separate X post, which you can view through his account.

If you’re interested in becoming an illustrator or a graphic artist, you should learn a few things from that very informative presentation.

Another remarkable work of art featuring Starfield is the Sam Coe colored pencil drawing we also featured a couple of weeks ago. That one was drawn by hand, and the accuracy and detail were unbelievable!

What’s next for Starfield? Bethesda has already rolled out the latest 2024 Roadmap to Steam Beta update. Called Update 1.10.30, this patch is the most sizable fix the studio has released so far in Starfield’s 9-month history with hundreds of fixes.

Also, is the Shattered Space DLC on the horizon? Observers have caught an unknown entry in Starfield’s Steam DB profile in the DLC section.

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