Fan Creation of the Week - What If Starfield Had a 1977 Comic?

Credit: Bethesda/Instagram

Credit: Bethesda/Instagram

Starfield belongs to the realm of science fiction, where it joins other beloved franchises like Star Wars, Predator, Terminator, and countless other titles.

We can’t help but wonder, what if someone else had beaten Todd Howard to create Starfield and made a comic book series instead of a game back in 1977?

Instagram user and storyboard artist Bulent Hasan seems to have given this much thought. The result is an original comic book cover that contains all the aesthetics of 1977 comic art and features all five core members of Constellation.

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Credit: IG/Bulenthasan

Describing the comic book as a 'Fabulous First Issue,' the cover depicts Constellation as a 'heroic group,' it also asks the reader: “Will they save the galaxy or destroy it?”

The Mantis is looming in the background behind the five members of the exploration group. We can take from this that should the comic book have been published, it would have tackled that particular mission in Bethesda’s latest open-world RPG.

Bulent Hasan, whose Instagram profile describes him as a storyboard artist and concept artist, said that he worked on the comic during his downtime and played the game.

The artist also worked on a movie poster for Starfield and posted a huge collage of its various sections on his Instagram profile.

Aside from Starfield, Bulent Hasan also uploaded his take on Mass Effect and GI Joe’s Snake Eyes comic book covers to his Instagram account.

Starfield would have been right at home in the comic book realm, with its lore composed of numerous plotlines and character backstories. There remain volumes of stories to be told through the game via expansions like the upcoming DLC Shattered Space.

Bethesda is also working on a live-action Starfield project starring Gina Darling, directed by Stephen Ford. Aside from an announcement in early October, there have been no updates on the supposed series yet.

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