Starfield Has Serious Modding Problems, Modders Say

starfield mods

starfield mods

Since its launch on September 6, mods have greatly improved the player experience in Bethesda’s Starfield. Modders have even taken on fixing Starfield’s existing issues with the launch of the first Community Patch a couple of weeks ago.

Todd Howard even said the company “loves modders” and promises to release official mod support in 2024.

These make us all think that Starfield is the modder’s paradise that the Bethesda CEO had promised it to be, but it turns out to be the opposite.

In this YouTube video, content creator JuiceHead reveals that modders encounter several obstacles that make the game the opposite of a utopia.

JuiceHead said that they spoke with a few modders for Starfield, and they concluded that Bethesda’s most successful RPG to date has a code that’s hostile to modding.

As a result, whatever mods have already been published on Nexus are a lot simpler than what was created for older Bethesda games at this same point after release.

Another issue that makes modding difficult is that it is easier to break the game’s loading order as compared to its predecessors. Messing up the load order alters the way multiple mods interact with each other, which significantly breaks a heavily modded game.

Making matters worse is that this load order is automatically changed whenever a new mod is added or when Bethesda releases updates. This forces the modder to do more work to update a mod just to keep up with the switched form IDs.

All this might change when the official Creation Kit is finally released, but Juicehead estimates that this might take place late next year given the pace at which Bethesda is releasing updates.

Make sure to sign on to the Beta testing phase of the crucial Starfield update that fixes a number of issues, including the lack of DLSS3 support for PCs with Nvidia GPUs.

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