Modding Community Releases the First Community Patch

starfield new patch

starfield new patch

It has been almost two months since the official release of Starfield, and we’ve all read or heard our share of issues in the game. These bugs were hilariously highlighted in an “Honest Conference” where an AI-voiced Todd Howard admitted to a few of them. Before the game was even released, The First Mod was announced by the team behind this new patch for Starfield.

It took some time, but now, the first Community Patch from the modding community has dropped. And, boy, it took a while because they’ve fixed quite a lot of issues!

Before we discuss the issues this patch has fixed, let’s head over to Nexus Mods and download the Community Patch. The modders recommend using a Mod manager to avoid confusion because multiple files need to be saved.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s look at some issues the mod has managed to address.

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Credit: Nexus

First, do you remember being creeped out by your character looking sideways while running? With this patch, you no longer have to deal with that odd occurrence because they’ve created a fix!

We know how annoying it is when your companions disapprove of you boarding a hostile ship, especially Sarah Morgan. You can now say goodbye to that infuriating little bug!

Lastly, you no longer have to deal with the Constellation NPCs speaking from the wrong script when you finish the quest “Foreknowledge” in NG+. You can consider that issue resolved.

These are only three of the fixes made possible with this mod. You can check the complete list in the changelog. Bear in mind that these fixes are unofficial, although Bethesda can carry them forward.

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Credit: Bethesda

Starfield, which has earned the distinction of being Bethesda’s biggest launch to date, remains exclusive to the PC and Xbox Series S and X. To commemorate early access, Bethesda released an official Starfield wrap for Xbox Series X.

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